About Rackstar

Rackstar is a forward thinking IT Service outsourcing company, providing services to clients from all sectors, with an employee headcount of 100 plus. We also provide our services to clients with fewer than 100 employees as part of a growth accelerator programme. If you would like more details about this, please contact us.

Services include IT Service Desk and Support, Connectivity, Landlord Connectivity and Contact Centre VOIP Solutions.

Rackstar started it’s life in 2011 occupying a railway arch with two team members. Since then, the journey has been fantastic, 2012 saw a move into larger premises with an additional team member. 2014 was the year when our expansion started, with a move to Independent House, with ten team members.

During 2016, we grew our team to 47 front line technical staff, with dedicated training staff, the aim was to prepare our team for the journey ahead and ensure we could meet client expectations immediately. Rackstar don’t train our staff on live customers!

In 2017, our team grew further, with over 65 team members, three dedicated technical training staff, all led by an experienced management team.

Let us help you to grow your business…