Our Apprenticeships

Our Level 3 IT Infrastructure Technician apprenticeship scheme is rated as one of the best in the UK, the awards speak for themselves!

We aim to be as inclusive as possible, our team is diverse and capable, selected for their ability to adapt and learn new skills. Many of our apprentices have surpassed all expectations, with some being promoted to Team Leader positions in their first year!

Apprentice ages range from 16 upwards, we also have several mature apprentices that have decided on a change in career.

All apprentices learn the basics of computer and peripheral repair, with advanced network design and build knowledge, backed by well respected ‘real world’ qualifications.

  • Cisco IT Essentials
  • Cisco CCNA1 Routing and Switching qualification

Once the Level 3 IT Infrastructure Apprenticeship is complete, we offer career progression to a Level 4 IT related specialism and Cisco CCNA2, followed by an ‘In Work’ degree for interested team members.

If you are interested in our IT Infrastructure Apprenticeship, please email your CV to recruitment@rackstar.co.uk.

What Our Apprentices Say

Harry writes: “During my time as an Apprentice I.T. technician at Rackstar I have gained a range of Independent and workplace skills from Cabling and Hardware Installation to customer relations as well as some much-needed work experience.

Academically I am on track to gain a number of recognised qualifications as well as already attaining a Merit Grade in the CISCO course CCNA Routing & Switching which has been invaluable with my workplace Training.

Overall the experience has been fulfilling and a great boon towards my future prospects. Thanks to Rackstar and their apprenticeship opportunity, I have been given a helping hand on my chosen career path.”

Craig writes: Becoming an apprentice at Rackstar has given me the ability to use the IT skills I have developed and explore and improve on the aspects I didn’t know. It’s taught me financial responsibility and time management, since I’m now in control of my own money and I have to plan getting to work, along with making sure I’m where I’m meant to be.

Since becoming an apprentice I feel as if I’ve grown up and learned how to be thankful and respectful to everyone in my surroundings.”